Meet Bertie

Meet Bertie, great to see Bertie again after meeting as a puppy some time ago. This time his human companion needed a little help with his lead work. Great couple of sessions. Good to go!

Meet Clover

Meet Clover the young Jack Russell. Clover came to us with a reluctance to walk however after just one session she’s back on track. Well done guys!

Meet Winston the rescued Pug pup

Meet Winston the rescued Pug pup. Winston’s human companions came to the school with him for a puppy consultation to tweak a couple of minor issues. Lovely little attentive lad. Looking forward to seeing him at home to ensure there continues to harmony between him and his pug “brothers”

Meet Banks

Meet Banks an 8 month old Cane Corso cross. Banks is coming us on regular basis to ensure he gets the best guidance as goes into adolescent. A great pup with plenty of energy!

Meet Arlo

Meet Arlo the 7 month old Frenchie Yorkie Cross. Arlo came down to the school to work on his focused recall training and tried his paws at some puppy agility! Well done Arlo, great session!

Meet Digby the Dachshund

Meet Digby the Dachshund. Great home visit to help resolve his minor separation anxiety issue.

Great to meet Duggy the Jack Russell

Great to meet Duggy the Jack Russell at his home Puppy Consultation where we covered diet, house training, crate training, boundaries, routine, exercise as well as the importance of environmental and social exposure. Looking forward to seeing him develop with our lifetime support. Lovely confident pup.

Lovely home visit with these 2 guys

Lovely home visit with these 2 guys to look at a few minor issues to ensure the pup gets the right start and help tweak a couple of challenges with the older dog that having come to their home as a slightly older put them at a slight disadvantage.

Meet Pepper

Meet Pepper. Pepper came to us with her human companion to improve her lead work. Well done guys great first session!

Lovely session with this little Cockapoo

Lovely session with this little Cockapoo. At 11 months old he was starting to pull a lot when out on his walks but at his first session he responded very well to a change of equipment,technique and a timely reward so hopefully walks will become much more of a pleasure rather than a challenge. Brilliant start!