Bailey the working Cocker Spaniel

Meet Bailey the working Cocker Spaniel. At 5 months he was pushing the boundaries which becoming challenging during lockdown to his human companions so a plan has been put in place to reset these boundaries and ensure a good routine is in place for him to develop into a well adjusted member of the family.

Ben the great 8 week old Labrador pup

Meet Ben the great 8 week old Labrador pup at his Puppy Consultation. His human companions even though they have had other dogs they wanted to ensure they started off on the right foot. All areas of his care was covered including diet, exercise, crate training, environmental exposure, boundaries and routine. Hope to see him again soon!

Yarra the 2 year old rescued GSD

Great session with Yarra the 2 year old rescued GSD. Yarra has been quite reactive on lead and having on had one session this is work in progress but is responding well already. Her pulling was also an issue and again has responded very positively. A lovely Shepherd that just needs a little time and guidance.

Gino the Greek rescue

Meet Gino the Greek rescue. Gino can be quite anxious and vocal so working with his human companions we have put a plan in place to help support this lovely lad and build his confidence.

Flo the Cavapoo

This is the lovely little Flo the Cavapoo pup at her Puppy Consultation. A bright live wire. The session focused on everything needed at this stage of development including Diet, Exercise, Crate training as well as Boundaries and Routine.

Missy the recently rehomed JRT

Meet Missy the recently rehomed JRT. Missy’s new human companions needed some help dealing with her anxiety both in and out of the home and I’m pleased to hear that with a plan in place she is already showing a great deal of improvement. For this older girl time to settle in is important.

Great session with this beauty Layla

Great session with this beauty Layla the semi long coat GSD. Layla is a little full on when meeting other dogs on the lead so this is work in progress. I’m looking forward to our next session at the school to do a little fun and fitness agility with her.

Collie Budd

Lovely meeting Collie Budd and his human companion. Budd’s human is recovering from an operation and was unable to walk him especially due to the fact he was pulling badly however after our first session he is now walking very well which enables them both to enjoy a more leisurely walk. Keep up the good work guys!

Charlie the Collie Dalmatian cross

Meet Charlie the Collie Dalmatian cross, with a new baby in the house his human companions needed some advice on his changes in behaviour so we put a plan in place to try and get back to some normality. We also got his lead pulling in check. Hopefully harmony will be soon restored.

Arnie the 12 week smooth coated Chihuahua

Meet Arnie the 12 week smooth coated Chihuahua pup at his Puppy Consultation and what a lovely boy he is. His human companions have done really well with him during the short time they have had him and just needed a little guidance to ensure they do best by him.