Loki the Norfolk Terrier

Lovely little Loki the Norfolk Terrier seen here. Due to a change of circumstances and lockdown not helping he had become more reactive to sounds and certain situations. However at our session he had already become more responsive with the help of new boundaries and tweaking his routine.

A 9 month old Springador

Meet this handsome chap, a 9 month old Springador. Another recruit that’s recently joined our in-house search/detection training program.

Lovely meeting Max the 12 month old Working Cocker Spaniel

Lovely meeting Max the 12 month old Working Cocker Spaniel seen here relaxing after his first session to improve his lead work and for a working cocker he was quick to respond well. With any dog bred for working stimulation is extremely important so we also looked at how we could achieve more activity to ensure he would be physically and mentally fulfilled.

Meet Soho the Labradoddle

Meet Soho the Labradoddle. His human companions had growing concerned about his random barking and being triggered by familiar sounds as well as unfamiliar ones. So after taking a history we put in a plan that would keep him more stimulated and less reactive. We also improved his routine and boundaries.

Great meeting this Beagle pup

Great meeting this Beagle pup. Rufus was very keen to pull his human companions on a walk as well as protest sitting when on the lead however even after our first session he has responded very well. happy humans, happy dog!

Gatsby the Dalmatian pup

Meet Gatsby the Dalmatian pup at his Puppy Consultation, another lovely pup with lots of energy and is always happy to get up to mischief. His human companions are doing a great job of raising him and just needed a little guidance with setting boundaries and routine.

Archie the Sealyham Terrier

Great Consultation with Archie the Sealyham Terrier. At 7 months and having come through lockdown his human companions wanted to ensure his development was on track. At this age all young dogs can be excitable and need plenty of stimulation along with boundaries and routine.

Meet Rodney the 9 week old GSD

Meet Rodney the 9 week old GSD at his Puppy Consultation. Rodney was proving quite a handful for his human companions however with the introduction of crate training, boundaries, routine and the right level of calm stimulation they are all hopefully on track for a more harmonious life together. Great bright pup with loads of energy.

Bailey the love Border Collie

This is the Bailey the love Border Collie. With such a great bouncy character his human companion needed some help working on his recall and lead work. After our first session we are already seeing improvement. I’m looking forward to seeing him again soon on our follow up session.

Meet Ralf the Cockerpoo pup

Meet Ralf the Cockerpoo pup. This is him at his puppy onsultation where his human companions wanted to ensure he’s on track to develop into a balanced well rounded dog. All aspects were covered including diet, crate training, exercise, environmental exposure and much more.