Teddy the Airdale Terrier

Teddy the Airdale Terrier with his owner Paul on our first training session with great progress made already.

Tree Tops Animal Rescue

Good to meet the team at Tree Tops Animal Rescue along with Jamie from Ollie B’s K9 Creche for a training session today. A great team doing great work!

You can find out more about Tree Tops here.

Charlie the Lurcher

Charlie the Lurcher with his owner Teresa out on our second session working on lead work and over excitement when seeing other dogs. Great work Teresa. He’s doing really well.

Socialisation Training Pays Off

Flint (on the right) playing well at Ollie B’s K9 Creche after several weeks of socialisation to condition him to other dogs and learn a little more doggie etiquette. Well done Flint!

Good session with Bonnie

Good training session with Bonnie and her owner. Next week we will be focusing on distance recall.

Staffies Ronnie and Reggie

Great Staffies Ronnie and Reggie with their owners Jo and Jeff after a lead training session. Lovely family to work with. Looking forward to our next session.


Monty’s Anxiety In The Home

Great to meet Monty and his human companion Paula. Hopefully on the right track now after our consultation to deal with his anxiety in the home.

8 year-old Jack Russell Missy

New client Carol with her 8 year-old Jack Russell Missy. Lovely dog just in need of a little guidance and support with some environment issues in the home.

Anxious Lab Joey

New Client Jessica and her anxious Lab Joey. Out for our first session to correct the problem of being pulled down the street! Great start Jessica. Well done. We can help with training target to improve your dogs anxiety.

Border Terrier Cross Henry

Mark with his lovely Border terrier cross Henry. Good session on lead work and consultation on a couple of anxiety issues. Great little terrier.