Little Timmy the Staffy

Little Timmy the Staffy cross pup wasn’t to impressed out on his lead session in the rain however he soon got the hang of what was expected with a bit of support. He’d also managed to jump up and rip more than one of his humans coats! This was also addressed during the session. Lovely confident pup which just need a good routine and guidance.

Ibizan Hounds

Great meeting these two Ibizan Hounds (when we could) Felix the younger of the two at 18 months old was giving some of his human companions a bit of a run around with his full on nipping which was becoming a challenge. However understanding why the issue was probably occurring some new boundaries were suggested and put in place which have had great results.

Great meeting Jack the Romanian rescue

Great meeting Jack the Romanian rescue. His human companions needed some help as he had become very stubborn on his walks but we soon got him back into his stride with a change of approach and the right encouragement for this lovely boy.

Lovely to meet Jasper the 5 month old Cockerpoo

Lovely to meet Jasper the 5 month old Cockerpoo seen here with his 10 year old Cavalier chum. Jaspers human companions wanted to ensure they were setting the right routine and boundaries so this lively little chap would develop into a well rounded member of the family.

Chip the Jack Russell

Great meeting little Chip the Jack Russell pup at his session to improve his recall. He was very responsive and with the new guidance his human companions now have I’m sure he will continue to steadily improve.

Louie the working Labrador pup

Meet Louie the working Labrador pup at his Puppy Consultation. Louie’s human companions needed a little support with his night time routine and to ensure they had him on track with his general boundaries and routine to be sure he developed into a well mannered member of the family.

Meet Belle

Meet Belle the 20 month old Labrador. Belles human companions got in touch to seek help with her anxiety when out walking and around loud noises. We went through the best way her humans can best support her and put some of the techniques in place whilst out on our session with very positive results. Looking forward to seeing this lovely girl again soon.

Great Consultation with Zapper

Great Consultation with Zapper the Whippet/Patterdale cross pup seen here on the left. His human companions just needed a little support and insight into some of his habits and how they might ensure they are doing the best by their pup. I’m sure he’s going to develop into a fantastic balanced member of the family.

Great session today with Beryl

Great session today with Beryl the 3 year old rescue Staffy to help with her pulling on the lead and I’m pleased to say along with Ali her human companion they made a great start with Beryl showing just what she is capable of. Well done!

Molly the 12 week old Cockerpoo

Meet Molly the 12 week old Cockerpoo at her Puppy Consultation. Being responsible new dog owners Molly’s human companions wanted to ensure they were doing the right thing by their pup and with a few small tweaks to her routine I’ve no doubt she will flourish. I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon.