Lovely meeting Angel the Cockerpoo

Lovely meeting Angel the Cockerpoo with her human companions. Angel is a little anxious with the world but is very bright and with the correct timely positive reinforcement and support she is already demonstrating she’s on track and walking her will be much more pleasurable for everyone. Great girl with lovely understanding caring human companions.

Great meeting Goose the Labrador

Great meeting Goose the Labrador and her human companion recently. Goose had become a little reactive to strangers so we set to work on implementing ways of reducing his anxiety when meeting new people. We also went out and greatly improved her lead work.

Lovely Lily

Meet the very lovely Lily the 8 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Lily’s human companions needed a little support to ensure she had the correct routine and boundaries to get completely clean in the house and that she didn’t develop separation anxiety during these challenging times.

WD Luna the GSD having a bit of down time

WD Luna the GSD having a bit of down time.

Gus the Cockerpoo

Great meeting young Gus the Cockerpoo at his home consultation to deal with a couple of minor issues and ensure he was on track to develop to his full potential as a family member.

Meet Bruce the rescued Frenchie

Meet Bruce the rescued Frenchie. Bruce has had a challenging start in life which has left its mark however he has landed on his paws by finding great new human companions that having consulted with us have now got him on the road to dealing with his anxiety and we’re pleased to hear how he’s turned a corner and started overcoming his issues.

Lovely meeting Charlie the 1 year old newly rehomed Sprocker

Lovely meeting Charlie the 1 year old newly rehomed Sprocker. Charlie has couple of issues due to his working high drive posibly not being satisfied when he was younger so now with a new exercise regime and increased stimulation he is now on the road to a more fulfilled life. Looking forward to seeing him at fun and fitness agility soon.

Meet little Sonny the JRT

Meet little Sonny the JRT. On his second home his human companions wanted to make he has good direction in life and that eventhough he’s much loved he needed some guidance. So we addressed a couple of issues in the home as well as getting is constant on lead pulling under control and he soon got the hang of it!

Lovely Wilfried the Staffy pup

Great Puppy Consultation with lovely Wilfried the Staffy pup. At nearly 6 months he had been pushing the boundaries a little however this lad with great personality just needed to be shown some boundaries and a good structured routine.

Pattendale Terrier pup at her Puppy Consultation

Meet this lively working Pattendale Terrier pup at her Puppy Consultation ahead of her visit to the school to tighten up on her recall and lead work. Great pup with a huge personality!