Kyle with his best mate Max

Kyle with his best mate Max the Westie after his second session with this one focusing on recall with distractions and I’m pleased to say they are doing great! Keep up the good work Kyle

A rescue in need of some help adapting

Shylo here adopted older sister to Harley which you may have seen a short while ago. She is also a rescue and needed some help adapting to life here in the UK. She’s now doing well with the great support of her human companions.

Dolly and Diesel The Search Dogs

Dolly and Diesel have joined us as our latest recruits for foundation training with the hope of becoming search dogs.

Ted the working Border Collie

Lovely meeting Ted the working Border Collie today. Fantastic young lad with his human companions needing some help with a couple of issues. A bright boy responding well.

Minnie the Poochon pup

Great working with Minnie the Poochon pup and her human companions to start resolving her wanting to run out the front door when visitors call, recall and reacting on the lead. She is certainly a bright pup and is responding very well. Well done Fiona and Roger.

Harley the Romanian rescue pup

Meet the lovely Harley the Romanian rescue pup seen here on her first session to start improving her walking to heel and being less reactive towards other dogs, and supported by her human companions she’s off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing her at our next session.

Bailey the Frenchie

Great meeting Bailey the Frenchie today with human companions to help resolve his anxiety issues. A good start putting some boundaries in place. Looking forward to our next session to improve his confidence.

Rescue Cocker Poppy

Lovely to meet and start working with rescue Cocker Poppy with her human companion Fiona today. A lucky dog to have found such a fantastic forever home. I’m looking forward to seeing her develope and settling in.

Meet rescue terrier Hetty

Meet rescue terrier Hetty. Now settling into her forever home. Today’s consultation was to help her human companions put in some boundaries to ensure she continues to settle in well and understands her place in the pack.

Buddy the Lab Springer

Great meeting Buddy the Lab Springer cross with his human companions at his puppy consultation before starting his environmental and lead work. Looking forward to seeing him develope over the next few weeks.