Belle the 16 week old Frenchie!

Check out Belle the 16 week old Frenchie! Such a sweet pup. Seen here at her puppy consultation, great times ahead. # dogbehavourist

Great puppy consultation/session with Nally

Great puppy consultation/session with Nally and his human companions. Nally is a working line German Shepherd and even though has settled well his humans had a few little issues that needed resolving so a plan was devised to get him back on track. Looking forward to seeing this great pup again soon.

Meet Tan the 8 month old Dutch Herder

Meet Tan the 8 month old Dutch Herder. His human needed some help with his lead work and being a little reactive, a great pup with a lovely temperament thats keen to learn and be kept busy. He’s going to great at agility having had a little taster!

Meet Marvin the 8 month old Cockerpoo

Meet Marvin the 8 month old Cockerpoo seen here after his first lead session after his humans asked for help with his pulling. Great session with a great responsive pup!

George the Cockerpoo

Meet George the Cockerpoo, George’s world changed dramatically with the arrival of a new human baby into his family which confused him a little and made him become over protective under some circumstances so it was important to look at his routine and boundaries to ensure he was happier and harmony was restored.

Fella the Whippet pup

Great meeting Fella the Whippet pup. Having showing signs of separation anxiety and general anxiety under some circumstances a plan is now in place to start the process to overcome these issues and I’m pleased to hear there has been good improvement after only a couple of days.

Brandy the 18 month old Newfoundland

Meet Brandy the 18 month old Newfoundland! Her humans called us in as they needed help with jumping up, mouthing, and sometimes being reactive to passing vehicles. After resetting the boundaries and showing her good leadership she has already started to respond very positively.

Meet Elton!

Meet Elton! This little Frenchie pup has become very possessive over “high value” items so included in the general session covering various aspects of ensuring he continues to get a great upbringing we covered ways of dealing with his troublesome guarding. Crazy but great friendly pup!

Ellie the Romanian rescue

Great session helping out Ellie the Romanian rescue to be less reactive on the lead in some circumstances. Nice to see yet more human companions wishing to improve the quality of life for their furry friends. Well done Ellie!

Great session with Stan the older Staffy

Great session with Stan the older Staffy and his human companion/walker Eli to get more lead control and to start working on him being less reactive with other dogs having been encouraged to be aggressive by a previous owner. Great human friendly lad! Just like the breed should be. Well done Stan!