One training session makes a big improvement for Milo

“Milo is so much better. So much better when out walking thanks to you Martyn – thank you so much for your professional training. We did not think a 7 year old could be trained but you have proved it can be done. Milo responds well and its such a joy to take him out. We had difficulty when meeting other dogs but now he is so much better- does not bark or gets aggresive though still needs a little correction. All achieved with just one training session. Cannot thank you enough Martyn.”

Falcore makes a big step forward

Meet Falcore! Louise has very recently adopted him and wanted to deal with a couple of issues with resource guarding being the main concern. Now with a plan in place I’m pleased to hear he’s coming along well. During the consultation we also covered feeding, crate training, general wellbeing and some lead work. I’m looking forward to hearing how he settles into his new family.

Lola’s new owners

Great to see 14 month old Lab Lola settling in with her new owners having sourced her for Dave and Avis. A bright girl with a bright future!

Improving lead recall

Lovely working with these two Italian Greyhounds. Today’s session was to improve the lads recall. Not only are they quick learners with the help of their human companions Megan and Elliott they are also super fast on their feet!

Stopping Herbie’s reaction to buses

Great session working with Marika and her Cockerpoo Herbie. Herbie was reacting when on lead at buses, however I’m pleased with his very positive response to the training so far and look forward to seeing him go from strength to strength.

A new recruit to the C.A.S Canine Security Division.

New recruit WD Luna out environmental training during her 12 week course to become licenced and join our C.A.S Canine Security Division.

Why are Bella and Roxy fighting?

Meeting Bella and Roxy at their home for a behavioural consultation to help their human companion understand the seemingly un provoked fights with each other.

Calming Zena’s enthusiasm meeting other dogs

Lovely meeting Stella with her rescue Border Collie. Zena has been a little reactive on the lead and is over enthusiastic to meet other dogs however with a training plan now in place hopefully we can now start to see an improvement. I’m looking forward to our second session very soon.

House training gives a positive outcome

This great little chap was in need of resetting his routine and boundaries mainly with house training and even at 12 months I’m very pleased to hear from his human companions that the change has been very positive. Great news!

Solving Maggie and Harvey’s lead issues

Great to meet Maggie and Harvey the Frenchies to create some order in the home and ensure their human companions are all working together. Maggie also had some lead issues but is now on the right track. Great dogs with lovely owners.