Nellie the GSD

Great catching up with Nellie the GSD seen here with one of her human companions Lucy. Nellie at 8 months is going through her “teenage” stage and she needs to understand where the boundaries are. Shes a bright dog with committed owners so with a plan and revised strategy in place I’m sure she will mature into a fantastic dog.

Meet Spud the lovely Shih Tzu cross

Meet Spud the lovely Shih Tzu cross. He has been challenging his human companions with his barking and nipping when people enter and leave the house so after understanding why he did this we put a plan in place to correct this unwanted behaviour.

Dexter the rescue Staffy

Meet the lovely Dexter the rescue Staffy. Currently living in a foster home with a view to adopt him. Today’s behavioural consultation was to ensure he settles in well and is given the support he needs to thrive in his new home. Fingers crossed for Dexter

D’fa and Amber the Greyhounds

Great meeting D’fa and Amber the Greyhounds at the school to brush up on recall and to try their paws at some agility!

Marie and her now 10 month old JRT

Great catching up with Marie and her now 10 month old JRT. You may remember little Boots from her early puppy days. They came down to brush up on some control exercises and a little fun agility. Fantastic Jack Russell Terrier!

Tasha and Jack with Winter

Tasha and Jack with Winter after she had tried out some agility down at the school. Why not book a session soon?

Winter the 10 month old GSD

Winter the 10 month old GSD came down to try her paws at a little bit of fun and fitness agility. As you can see she loved the tunnels! Looking forward to seeing her again soon with her human companions.

Daz at his Puppy Consultation

Great meeting Ashleigh and Harvey with their Pug pup Daz at his Puppy Consultation. Lovely to see all the human companions involved in Daz’s care. So now with the routine and boundaries in place he will hopfully mature into a fantastic dog. Great work so far guys!

Holly the sweet rescue cross

Meet Holly the sweet rescue cross here with human companion Ann. Holly is believed to be about 2 years old and had recently been pushing the boundaries in the home as well as whilst on walks. However she has responded very well to the training plan now boundaries and a routine are in place.

Sooty the Cockerpoo

Lovely meeting Sooty the Cockerpoo with his human companions. Seen here with Gemma. Sooty has been a little naughty in the home and has been pushing the boundaries so we focussed on putting the right routine and correct boundaries in place. When out on a walk he needed a little more leadership to curb his pulling and being reactive under some circumstances. I was pleased to see how quickly he responded with the correct guidance and reward. I’m looking forward to seeing him soon for some fun and fitness agility!