Meet Lottie the lovely Boxer pup

Meet Lottie the lovely Boxer pup at her Puppy Consultation. As you can imagine Lottie is full of energy and at 14 weeks she can push the boundaries with some of her human companions so a little more structure and boundaries as part of the plan are now in place to ensure things dont get out of hand. Looking forward to seeing her develop.

Hugo the rescue Staffy

Even though Hugo the rescue Staffy had been in this forever home for some time he and his human companions just needed a little more help for him to fully adjust mainly around being fully clean in the house a being on lead reactive. Time was spent at the consultation/session reviewing the daily routine and a plan is now in place which will resolve the situation. Happy humans means happy dog.

Ted and Molly the one year old JRT’s

Ted and Molly the one year old JRT’s brother and sister. Their human companion got in touch recently looking for help with setting boundaries with jumping up, door barging and lead work and I’m pleased to say that these great little pups are already showing great improvement! I’m looking forward to catching up with them again soon.

Bailey the rescue Lurcher

This Bailey the rescue Lurcher. His human companion got in touch as they needed a little help with him settling in. The issues were typical of a rescue stray but with an understanding of the problems and and a plan in place he’s on track now in his forever home with his lovely human companion.

Meet Stan the Cocker spaniel

Meet Stan the Cocker spaniel. Stan has been exhibiting some concerning behavioural changes and appears to be not as happy as he had been. So we devised a plan to help get him back to living a happier life with his human companions. Understanding why your dog is unhappy is essential to ensuring the correct plan is put in place.

Poppy the rescue Staffy

Great meeting Poppy the rescue Staffy in her foster home but hopefully her forever home. She was showing signs of being a little anxious but super friendly and reactive on the lead however with a plan in place and with her lovely foster mum supporting her I think she will soon settle in to her new life.

Winter the 5 month old GSD

Winter the 5 month old GSD pup seen here relaxing after her New dog/Puppy Consultation. Unsure of her previous home history her human companions wanted to ensure they were settling her in with the right structure and support so with a plan now place covering all bases I look forward to seeing her again soon to help continue her development.

Great Puppy Consultation with Daisy the double doodle

Great Puppy Consultation with Daisy the double doodle! Her human companions wanted to ensure she was on the right track to developing into a well rounded member of the family. Great pup and a lovely family.

Buddy the Yorkiepoo

Meet Buddy the Yorkiepoo. At 4 his foster human was concerned that he may be suffering some with anxiety or even ill health due to his behaviour however his mild anxiety could be resolved simply with a little life and environment enrichment so with a plan and our lifetime support in place I’m sure he will flourish now.

Elsie the sweet rescued 3 year old Cockerpoo

Meet Elsie the sweet rescued 3 year old Cockerpoo. Due to her previous life Elsie had become super anxious but thanks to the efforts of her new human companions and a plan now in place to build her confidence she’s on the road to over coming her fears.